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Viola, the founder of Zilpa Spa relocated from South Africa to Boston in 2003. She initiated her undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts. In 2007 she moved to the beautiful PNW and transferred into the University of  Washington where she successfully graduated with two majors  – Medical Anthropology and Global Health, Pre-Med & a minor – Comparative Religion.

Encompassing a great understanding of these areas of study has largely contributed to the success which Viola has in maintaining strong professional relations with her guests. What is meaningful to one is not necessarily meaningful to another therefore Viola takes much pride in customizing for her guests and treating them as individuals.

Whilst at the University of Washington Viola took on her passion of being a Skin Care Therapist. In 2010 upon graduation as an Esthetician Viola launched Zilpa Spa LLC in downtown Issaquah Washington and served as a Washington State licensed Esthetician for 9 years. Viola has now set roots in and operates out of the sunshine state Florida.  After years of practice on thousands of clients she has acquired the knowledge, experience and a wide range of skills both holistic and technical to help better serve her guests. She finds much pleasure in her venture as an Esthetician since it was her burning passion from the early age of six. Her strong natural desire to help others with their self esteem, quality of life and improving their professional image shines through. She utilizes exclusive skin care products and cutting edge methods to contribute to the well being of her valued guests. She is currently licensed in Washington and Florida.

Providing therapeutic skin care therapy and been involved in health and wellness industry creates the ideal outlet for Viola to help her guests make the best choices to improve and maintain the integrity of their skin. Viola’s interest and intrigue with the human self and life continues to drive her to learn and figure out new ways to approach skincare and wellness concerns. She truly feels blessed to be able to provide professional holistic wellness services for her outstanding and loyal guests to help them balance body, mind and soul. Philanthropy is the core of Viola’s constitution. She has utilized a lot of her time and money whenever possible to help animals and humans in need of love and basic needs. Outside of the spa she enjoys a balanced and simple life with her fiance’ and their three rescue cats, Waffles, Noodles and Gremlin 🙂